Mystery Incarnate

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heart universeLife is a mystery we must live into.

Still, we fight against the unknown with our dominion over “is”.  We attempt to organize the pieces of life into a pattern of predictability that we stitch into the fabric of our future in idle hope that it will create what we consider to be “stability”.  Have we even given the word “stability” much thought to defining it?

Where does the unknown come into “stability”? Where is the mystery in stability? There is no stability, it is an illusion.

And to safeguard against the primal force to transform our latent ways, we pretend we can prevent the mysteries of life. We do everything in our power to know the next step and how to walk it.

I am starting a new practice-a fierce commitment to the unknown.  I have built my life around questions and answering these questions.I want to know what…

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“Believe In A Love That Is Stored Up For You Like An Inheritance.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Today, if you’re tired from the pain, anger, struggle and sorrow. If you’re longing for peace and quiet, in the midst of the noise, conflicts, and anxieties that are stirring up a storm within. Return to an awareness, of Love. Return to the Resting place of Love, within you.

Return to a knowing that there’s a wealth of Love stored up for you like an inheritance. Draw from this Love that resides within you.

Enter into a moment of silence and stillness. You can do this anywhere, anytime, by cultivating an Awareness. Listen in. Can you hear Love’s invitation to you, from within? “Rest your bones with me. Take all your tired and weary sighs, and rest your bones with Me.” – Reblog from an original posting on 24.04.13, on The Love Culture

“Bones and ashes… bones and ashes… one day, I’ll be bones and ashes…

That’s the thought that crossed my mind, as I took a quiet walk through the showroom upstairs, where urns of crystal jades or biodegradable orbs are displayed like a private collection of exotic pots and prized vases.

As a writer, it’s important for me to get a feel of this place. It’s my client’s business afterall. My colleagues are downstairs having a meeting in Mandarin. For the millionth time, I wished I could comprehend the language. But for now, I am free to explore this building on my own.

As a centre of funeral and bereavement care, I think they’ve done a commendable job. The attention to details, aesthetics, and ambience, are thoughtfully combined to create a serene atmosphere for the grieving.

“Bones and ashes… bones and ashes… one day, I’ll be bones and ashes…

The chandeliers above and the orchids in the corner creates a sense of beauty and familiarity, like you’ve walked into a living room from an I.D magazine, and yet, the mahagony casket with ‘The Last Supper’ finishing or the solid bed of bronze reminds you that this is a departure lounge.

I think about regrets… and how one day it won’t matter anymore. One day, I’ll be bones and ashes… This pain… anger… struggle… sorrow… all that noise churning up a storm within… one day, it will all be quiet.

One day, all these will pale in comparison to Having Loved and Being Loved. But somedays, sometimes, it gets hard to believe that love is all.

“I feel like I have nothing… I am nothing,” said a friend once.

Her words are not hers alone. I am all too familiar with that feeling and I believe the same fear is quietly weighing on the hearts of many. Over the years, I’ve been tracing this fear and feelings of insignificance back to my false assumptions of what Love and Happiness should look and be like.

Loosing that attachment to the appearances of things, and being open to Love as it presents itself in all its ways and form have been liberating.

The truth is, right here, right now, we have Everything because of Love.

This Love,

is in us to grow, is for us to live, and is ours to gift as we choose.

The daily challenge is for us to come into remembrance of our inheritance.

“Believe in a love that is being stored up for you like an inheritance, and have faith that in this love there is a strength and a blessing so large that you can travel as far as you wish without having to step outside it.” – Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet.




“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.”- Swedish Proverb

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Sometimes we do not know

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File:Dark Days Are Coming.jpg

Frequently we don’t know the answers to some of the questions that life throws at us.  We come to see that there is always a balance between knowing and not knowing. We prefer knowing, certainty, clear ideas. But maybe wisdom comes from being able to allow what we don’t know, and from learning to trust.

This is how we become wise:

When the formed

is taught by the unformed.

Chuang Tzu

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“Love sometimes wants to do us a great favor: hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out.” – Hafiz

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Could it be, Life has SHAKEN you to AWAKEN you? 

Here’s another radical idea: What if that moment your world as you knew it was crumbling down and flipping over, was a divine moment of Grace? 

If this idea isn’t sitting well with you, WAIT, check this out before you go:

“While on an expedition to Antarctica last month, photographer Alex Cornell witnessed a massive iceberg flip, revealing a strangely translucent blue underside that’s completely free of snow and debris. According to Science World, almost 90% of any given iceberg is below the surface, making iceberg flips extremely rare.

Much larger iceberg flips are even capable of causing tsunamis that can overtake nearby ships.” –

flip-1 Stunning Iceberg Flip captured by Alex Cornell:

flip-2 Stunning Iceberg Flip captured by Alex Cornell:

On YouTube, in a video entitled ‘Iceberg flipping over…’ the person who posted it described the phenomenon like this: “… the huge…

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Kenya: Garissa Attack Shows Al-Shabaab’s Weakness, Not Strength

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Al-Shabaab has been catapulted back into international headlines with its attack on Kenya’s Garissa University, which killed 148 students and drew promises of strong action from President Uhuru Kenyatta. The event has drawn comparisons with al-Shabaab’s 2013 attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi and is part of the group’s campaign of reprisals against Kenya for the country’s military action in Somalia. However, the timing, location and nature of the Garissa attack suggest that al-Shabaab has been severely weakened by recent developments in Somalia.

A Kenya Defence Force soldier stands guard in Garissa. A Kenya Defence Force soldier stands guard in Garissa.

Amid the headlines, it is easy to forget that this is the first major attack – and almost the first attack full stop – which al-Shabaab has conducted in Kenya this year. The end of 2014 saw escalating violence in the country’s north-east, for instance with the murder of over 60 people in two weeks by al-Shabaab…

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I saw a posting on my timeline today, with a horrific picture of victims sprawled on the ground, splattered in blood, with this caption, “Dead. Students. Kenya. They didn’t draw offensive cartoons. They’re just kids in Africa so who cares?”

Essentially, the person / group posting this, is asking, “World, do you care about us? If you do, why don’t you say something? We want to know that you care. We want to know that we matter, too.”

What the person / group is asking for, is what every human being desires, as well. We desire to know our worth, purpose and significance. We desire to know if our absence or presence makes a difference to anyone, anywhere. We desire to know we are loved.

Perhaps when they made that angry statement “They’re just kids in Africa so who cares?” they’re directing it to the seemingly lack of worldwide outrage. Perhaps the visible difference in the world’s reaction between the two tragedies, hurts. Especially at a time when they’re in need of comfort.

Here’s the thing with living in the age of the internet and social media. We fall into the trap of thinking that the more something is posted and shared and talked about, the more people care, and the more it is worth caring about. But that can’t always be true. We must never base our worth on these things, and we must always remember that we are loved, more than we would ever know, and more than others could ever show.

We must BELIEVE that.
We must KNOW it within.

If we are living this truth, the way we speak for these victims who are forever silenced, will be different too. We speak from a place of knowing.

Instead of accusing the world of not caring,
Now can be the time to remind the world,
“We need you NOW. Can we join heads and hearts 
and find a RESOLUTION for humanity’s problem?”

Know that SILENCE is a way of expressing solidarity, sadness and care, as well. There are NO WORDS that could do justice to the victims of this tragedy. Taking the time to SHUT UP, to seriously think about the state of humanity, and to dig deep within to unearth that agent of change that is already in each of us, is more important than giving more press time to these agents of evil, taking sick pleasure in gaining attention through forced violence and death. They, too, want to be seen and heard. But let’s not follow them down their unconscious path towards blind hatred.

GRAB HOLD of your ANGER, Kenya. 
GRAB HOLD of your PAIN, World.
Never let them grab hold of you. 

Grab hold of it like a wild dog on leash and let it run, let it lead you forward into greener pastures of Growth. NOW is the time to get good and angry. Now is the time to want CHANGE so badly that YOU become the agent of change for the future. NOW is the time to remember YOU Are Love. YOU have the power to release it. And YOU have the power to choose LIFE.

Some of us have been brainwashed to think that it’s okay to kill others to enforce their beliefs on others. YOU get to choose to raise yourself—and the future generation—to think differently. To Live and BE differently.

It begins with you. It begins with me. It begins with us.

And we can begin by learning how to ask for Love 
without accusing and blaming and stirring more hate.

Love is our birthright. We don’t have to convince anyone that we deserve it. But in times of deep pain, we  tend to forget the truth we already know.

So here’s a reminder, KENYA.
You are loved, beyond measure.


“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.”- Swedish Proverb

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To thine own self be true.

I remember not too long ago pretending to be someone else. It seems so dishonest now, but in my active addiction it was a survival mechanism.

I always pretended to be more than I was. In other words I disliked the real me so I created an alternative. I just knew that If I didn’t like who I was, You wouldn’t either. So before you could get the chance to reject the real me, I pretended to be someone I thought you would approve of.

This went on for years. I created and deleted images and ego’s like some people change their socks. Everyday I had to switch up depending on where I was at. I felt I had to be someone else in order to fit in. To be a part of the crowd. To be loved, liked and accepted. After years of…

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Another One Bites The Dust: Yemen in Crisis.

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Yemen is finally getting some media attention. The country is falling apart. One of the most beautiful countries in the world is falling apart (when it comes to beauty of the nature and architecture – Yemen is the shining jewel). Photos by the great Steve McCurry (throughout this post) are here to remind us of that beauty.

Yemen was for centuries the center of civilization and wealth on the Arabian peninsula. The Romans referred to the area as Arabia Felix, or “Happy Arabia.” Tim Mackintosh-Smith writes inYemen: The Unknown Arabia: “Yemen…had something of a Dictionary Land about it: as well as the talking hoopoes and dambusting rodents, men chewed leaves and camels lived on fish; they (the men) wore pinstriped lounge-suit jackets on top, skirt below, and wicked curved daggers in the middle; the cities seemed to have been baked, not built, of iced gingerbread; Yemen was part…

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“You have GREATNESS within you, and responsibility to manifest that greatness!” – Les Brown


“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.”- Swedish Proverb

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Life is not so much about “Mission Accomplished,” as it is “Mission Accepted.” It is an Invitation to Dance. Loosen up a little. Don’t let the fear of making a mistake stop you from trying.

“I had hoped to end this book on a triumphant note… Unfortunately, such a tale, while possibly uplifting and feel-good, would have to be filed in the fiction aisles. For much of the writing of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts I continued to relapse: bingeing and lying, shamed and hollow.” – Dr. Gabor Maté.

Dr. Maté goes on to say that it wasn’t until recently that he would clean up his act. But rather than shout, “Mission Accomplished!” He says, “Mission Accepted” would be more accurate (reference: Dr. Gabor Maté, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction, p 349).

As I read this, I realised this sounds so much like me. And what a relief.

I, too, was hoping to end my book on a triumphant note, a “Happily Ever After”. I’m thinking when life starts to fall smoothly into place, and when every little dream and desires are fulfilled, and everything is in the order of perfection, THEN I’ll be happy. THEN I’ll have something to shout about.

As we all know (and yet, how often we forget), life doesn’t quite work out like that. If we go by that definition, we’ll end up waiting our whole lives.

We are not called to Perfection. We are called to WHOLENESS. And that means, we’re not just called to live the Good Life, but a life that is made of the Not-So-Good, as well. Wisdom, is born of Pain. It’s how we learn, it’s how we grow. And for most of us, it’s the only time we’d ever learn or grow! We need the darkness, as much as the light. It’s what makes us WHOLE and complete.

I am reminded of this, when I read Dr. Mate’s bold and honest statement.

I am reminded that instead of my “triumphant note”, I’ve progressed, and regressed, one step forward, two steps back… then step up again.

Doesn’t it sound like a dance?

Two steps forward, three steps back,

One step forward, then another, and back again.

Then forth, then back, and back and forth we go, twirling around in this dance of life.

A friend once shared his observation, “You’re going in circles!” And he meant it as a friendly warning, to bring to my awareness my life’s pattern.

There was a time where I feared my own regressions and mistakes. But I’ve come to the point where I recognise something else, besides fear.

The two steps back keeps me humble and compassionate. The one step forward again, fills me with Faith, Hope, and Love, giving me strength for the long journey ahead.

Perhaps, this is the reason why out of the 6 books I had hoped to purchase recently, 2 of my orders were cancelled by the bookstore. I felt a mix of disappointment and amusement. Both the books that happened to be unavailable were, ‘The Dance of the Dissident Daughter’ by Sue Monk Kidd and ‘The Dance’ by Oriah. Is it mere coincidence that both titles with the words ‘dance’ in it were not making it’s way to me? It could be.

But I know that I didn’t specifically select these books for the theme on dancing. I merely wanted to complete my collection of Sue Monk Kidd’s memoirs, and Oriah’s series of books. So I ordered whatever I didn’t have.

Today, I’m beginning to see that this incident is not a sign that my invitation to the dance of life has been cancelled! Rather, it is an Invitation. It is drawing me to the word Dance, as I yearn to be whole.

In a dance, and in dancing, it’s important to maintain a certain tension (arm tension, core tension), and yet, to be graceful, we are to loosen up.

This is not an easy thing to do. One seems to be the opposite of the other!

I remember going to a Tango Open Day, to watch my friend dance. The instructor, in the hopes of recruiting new students, began drawing the audience, one by one, to the dance floor. I was chewing bubblegum, to hide that I was feeling terrified! I was hoping she wouldn’t pick me, but she did, and I did what I could, and was pretty happy with myself by the end of it.

Moments later, that silly smile from conquering my fear would be wiped off my face. Apparently, the instructor had whispered into the ears of the guy she pulled to dance after me, and said, “You’re a better dancer than that girl. She’s so stiff, she can’t dance… But you, you’re a natural.”

I had thought of enrolling in her class. As you can imagine, when said guy relayed the information to me, I was crushed, and never saw her again.

I should’ve known that what happened that night, speaks volumes about the instructor, too. She looked so beautiful and elegant for her old age, with her grey-white hair slicked back into a bun. And her movements were as fluid as any sweet young things. But even at that age, she had not grown comfortable in her own skin. If she was, she would’ve recognised my stiffness as a sign of discomfort, and saw a young girl with no confidence.

If she was sure in herself, she would’ve taken that opportunity to speak words of encouragement, leading me to bring out the dancer in me.

Everyone can dance.

But she didn’t believe that. And I didn’t believe that. She needed to cling to her superiority. And I was too busy clinging to my inferiority. I think we both could learn how to Loosen Up a little.

I watched the Tango Scene in the Scent of a Woman last week. The blind man, Frank Slade, asked Donna to dance. Donna’s response is natural. She speaks for most of us when she said, “Ah, I think I’d be a little afraid.”

“Of what?”

“Afraid of making a mistake.”

“No mistakes in the tango, darling. Not like life… If you make a mistake, get all tangled up, you just tango on. Why don’t you try?” Slade is persistent in his invitation, “You’ll try it?” Donna responds with courage, daring to make a silly mistake. “All right. I’ll give it a try.”

The Hope, is in the trying. Remember, Life is not so much “Mission Accomplished,” as it is “Mission Accepted.” It is an Invitation to Dance… Loosen Up. Don’t let the fear of making a mistake stop you from trying.




“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.”- Swedish Proverb

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