Congratulations! You Made It To 2012. Happy New Year! NOW What?

Wow. Can you believe it? It’s 2012! The question on my mind all day today is, “NOW what?”

Not knowing the answer to that question is scary. The unsettling feeling of Fear began to weigh me down.

To shake it off, I turned to THE ADVENTUROUS FOUR AGAIN! by Enid Blyton.

It’s one of my favourite childhood books from when I was eleven.

Obviously, I haven’t read it in ages. In the midst of packing up books to give away, I ended up having fun reading it all over again the last couple of days–and I’ve been amazed by how differently I read this book now!

Every page seems to be coming alive with rich, insightful Wisdom for Life.

Today, I’m at chapter II, and I could see a parallel in one of its passages with our feelings of hope and wishes for the brand New Year 2012:

“Let’s go somewhere exciting,” he said. “Can’t you take the Andy (a boat named after their friend) and go on a trip somewhere? Don’t you know anywhere thrilling, Andy, you could take us to?”

“There’s the Cliff of Birds,” said Andy suddenly.

All the three children were fond of birds. Their eyes shone.

“Let’s go there!” said Tom.

Their eyes shone. Their eyes shone. Their eyes shone.

The answer to my “NOW What?” question came to me in a form of another question, thanks to those three words. “What makes your eyes shine? What makes it come alive? What makes it light up?”

And the answer to that question has been coming to me, and still is.

But how about you? “What / who makes your eyes shine?”

The answer to that, is a very big clue to your “NOW What?” question. And in that moment, like Tom, your heart will be telling you, “Let’s go there!”

Are you ready to get a clue? Why not sit with the question, live with it, explore it and learn from it? Or are you choosing to be stuck in Fear? Listen to your heart. Why not? What’s holding you back? Drop a comment below…


Love NOW,



“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.”- Swedish Proverb

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