Love Is Seeing Through The Eyes Of Appreciation: You Are On A Working Holiday, Right Here, Right Now

It was a hot Saturday afternoon last week.

We’d just finished lunch and debriefing after our volunteer work with GLOW GIRLS, an NGO programme designed to instil Strength, Self-Worth and Purpose into the lives of teenage girls from underprivileged communities. We hope these values will help them navigate better in life.

It’s been a long day. And as we walked from the restaurant to the open air car park, there were the usual complaints about the melting heat. But as a breeze blew our way, I felt this weather was perfect for the beach.

It’s also perfect for tourists who actually love soaking up the sun here.

So I said to Shirleen who was giving me a ride to the train station, “If you think about it, people from overseas come over here for a holiday…

…So actually, we’re all on a working holiday right here, right now. If we’re not so desensitized to our surroundings and take things for granted, we can actually feel like a tourist in our own country…”

“I’ve never thought of that before,” Shirleen says. “It’s a nice thought!”

“You don’t need a vacation if there’s nothing to run away from,” – Jason Mraz.

If we begin to realise that our desire to get away, may have nothing to do with the lack in our current environment, but more to do with our inner discontentment. And if we learn to see through the Eyes Of Appreciation…

…We’ll see differently.

We’ll see beauty, wonder and phenomenal reasons to be happy and grateful. For all we have, for where we call home–right here, right now:




Michelle Tan is the Founder of The Love Culture ‎~ Inspiring A Loving Way Of Living.

Her mission is to make space for Faith, Hope & LOVE through her writings, clothing line ROX/STA & music.