When things seem to be going wrong, it may actually be right on course.

Maintaining that inner calm when everything seems to be going wrong is not just tricky, it’s frustratingly hard! 

Things are harder to deal with when we lack the clarity of understanding.

So sometimes we need a gentle reminder–to help us understand a little better. 

Perhaps it’s time for me to be reminded of some Truths today:

“When things seem to be going wrong, it may actually be right on course.”

Was up super early this morning. Left for work earlier than usual but ended up running into a series of obstacles and setbacks, making me late!

The gate closed instead of letting me through after a touch in at the card fare reader. The queue at the platform was extra long–so long I had to take the next train, there just wasn’t enough room. When we finally got on, further up, the train jammed and stopped moving. Why, why, why?!

Half an hour later, I’ve arrived at my destination–just on time for the free feeder bus! That’s why #1. The bus driver waited and waited till the bus filled up and had just started moving when a lady in red rushed over.

The bus stopped.

She kept looking at the front door. It was closed and stayed closed. The embarrassed smile creeping up her face made obvious the thoughts running across her mind. “Silly me. The bus is not stopping. The door will not open. They’re leaving without me.” Her eyes was so fixated on that closed door in the distance, she didn’t notice the door right at the back that was much closer to her–and wide open! The bus waited till she realized and moved as soon as she hopped on! That’s why #2. For all who had eyes to see, what played out before us was a gentle reminder.

“Sometimes we look so long at the closed door, we don’t see the one that is wide open!”

Soon as I arrived at the office, my boss was just on his way out for breakfast. “Goooood morning!” he opened the glass door, with a dramatic bow and a cheeky smile. “Join us for breakfast?” What seemed like a set back in the beginning turned out to be perfect timing, in the end.

Midway through breakfast, the client called. This morning’s meeting was cancelled. My boss was crestfallen. He’s been eager to get this session over with–other appointments have been pushed aside for this one. Definitely not the way he wanted to start his day. After what happened on the way here, I had Faith this might be making room for something better.

Then just before noon, I received a text. MH was on his way to the office. He’s bringing us mooncake. The next hour during lunch, tales of his backpacking adventure mesmerized the whole office. The best story of all was the ‘mistake’ that was ‘meant to be’ at Cabin 32! We had such a great time catching up with our surprise visitor of the day–thing is, we wouldn’t have seen him or heard his stories if the meeting was on!

A running theme for today it seems. And a smacking good reminder:

“When things seem to be going wrong, it may actually be right on course.”




“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.”- Swedish Proverb

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