Constant Love – Does it exist?

Do you think, these words in the song ‘Come What May’, reflect the kind of love you have known, or is it a song of a Higher Love, the kind you have yet to know? Do you think, this Love that is spoken of, is reserved for the lucky few, or don’t you think, you are worthy of it too? But more than a question of worthiness (for it was never a question of worthiness), don’t you think, this is the secret cry of every single person on earth? To have a taste of what Kari Jobe describes as “So faithful, So constant, So loving, and So true?” A Love that stays… Come What May?

Open your ears. Listen anew. 
Open your mind. Perceive anew. 
Open your heart. Receive anew.

I open my journal today
and it’s 12 November 12.

“As soon as I closed the door to my room after getting home from work, I collapsed into sobs of tears. Couldn’t stop crying…

…and yet,

“Come what may,
come what may,
I will Love you,
until the end of time”
kept playing in my head.

It’s that Moulin Rouge song again… How annoying. I don’t know WHY I’m hearing it. It’s been ringing in my head in the Silent Retreat (28 October 12 – 7 November 12). Now I’m hearing it again. But as soon as I wondered WHY, it became so clear.

The pain of Abandonment (to leave completely and finally)… just when I am healing from that, now, we have to deal with a possibility of another bigger Abandonment.

But this Song is saying, “Come what may, come what may, I will love you…”

“Until my dying days,”
says the song.

“Until the end of time,”
I heard.

“Until eternity, always,”
I felt.

The tears stopped at that realization. I felt spoken to. All is quiet within now. I can go downstairs and have dinner and cheer X up. We’ll watch ‘The Constant Garderner’ (since we both haven’t seen it and she’s seen the Iron Lady).” – 12.11.12

Has a song been ringing in your head / heart lately? Is it in the total opposite direction of what you’re feeling / going through? For example, you’re in a time of deep grieving, but there’s an annoying, ‘sappy romantic song’ (like Moulin Rouge ‘Come What May’!) that’s been ringing in your head, and it’s NOT a reflection of how you feel? Perhaps then, it’s an indication of an Invitation from the Song of Songs. It’s a gift, from a Higher Love, beckoning you to Listen. Listen to the words in the song.

…does it speak to you?

No matter what we are going through, there’s a Constant Love that’s journeying with us, every step of the way. Just take the time to Pause, Listen. Soak it in. Receive. Relax… Are you Listening? It’s going to be okay.




“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.”- Swedish Proverb

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