Rediscover a Home within a home, where Love is, always.

Home is where the love is. But isn’t it just as true that home is where the pain is?

Do you remember a time when home was the last place you wanted to be?

Perhaps home was a source of love, but it was also a great source of pain–more than you know how to handle at that time. But NOW in this present moment, where are you choosing to be? 

There is a proverb that says, “No matter where you go, there you are.”

And wherever you are, you’ll find that your heart is always longing to go home. But where exactly is home when we don’t feel at home right where we are? There is a reason for this perpetual inner state of homelessness. Remember, it has nothing to do with anyone or anything on the external.

The answer lies within.

If we allow it, we will be led on a journey to find a Home away from home. To a place of deepest acceptance within, where our longing for belonging is received and embraced. An everlasting Home that can never be touched, shaken or broken from the outside. It’s built on the inside.

But in between the journey of leaving home to find our Home where the heart is, along the way, we become home sick. In our desperate and in-born desire to feel at home again, we find ourselves impatient to get there. We find ourselves a little too eager to announce “we’ve arrived”.

We make a home in the temporal shelters of things, mistaking it for Home.  As long as we try to feel at home through things of the external, instead of the Eternal within, this feeling of “being home” will never last.

Home is where the Love is.

Love is where the Home is.

If you’re Lost, the way Home is where your heart is, where Love can be Found “in here”.

“In here”, there’s no need to perform or inform to be seen and heard.

“In here”, we can curl up in the palm of God, and rest in the silent night of unknowing, finding calm, light, and peace in the midst of dark moments.


“In here”, we regain the courage we need to face our own brokenness.

The reality of a broken home, a broken family, a broken marriage, broken hearts and broken relationship is messy. We can choose to runaway from facing our mess or we can choose to go Home, even if it looks like the aftermath of a warzone, because that’s where Love can be found. Our inner grounds of devastation can be the solid rock bottom on which we build a strong new foundation for our lives. Layer by layer, we can arise again, supported and grounded by the firm and steady pillars of Love.

No matter what happens “out there” or how far we’ve strayed or where we are now, we can rediscover a Home within a home, where Love is, always. To this Home, we can return to. So let’s get ready to come Home.

Love, Mish



“The Growth of one blesses all. I am committed to grow in Love.” – Julia Cameron