2013 Booster: “It was safe on that mountain of excuses, but a bird is meant to fly. I’m not meant to live there, hiding in clefts known as fear. And neither are you!” – Inka

I’m currently working in an organization aiming to empower women and protect children in West-Bengal, India.

Part of the mountainous plan is to make a project called Asha Kiran run as self-sufficiently as possible.

(Now would be a great time to open another tab and type in www.waasta.in, to find out more about this wonderful organization)

It is a complicated and challenging endeavour, but the hoped result is worth every obstacle fought and won.

Right now there is a lot of “no’s” standing in the way.

Quite simply, we need to see the “no” turn into a “yes”.

I know that doesn’t mean anything to you. But you can still pray it with us: no to a yes, no to a yes:)

Many of my passions and talents, even parts of my personality have been stifled and kept hidden by a devious lie; “Who am I to do anything of importance? I’m not qualified! And besides, look at ALL these talented, beautiful, brave souls that can do it so much better than I.

“Who am I to write songs? My voice is not like hers. Who am I to take photos? I’m not a professional. I am not enough. I’m happy to stand back and let others go and do.”

Only, that is not true.

Here—in the midst of project and product planning– I’ve felt like a baby bird, who’s mother nudges the little one with her beak and pushes the baby, right off the cliff.

“Off you go little one!” she says,

“I know your wings will carry you if you only open them wide and flap with all your might. You will look silly for a while, flap flap flapping your little wings, being tossed by winds greater then you. But as you try, you will learn. You will learn to read the winds, dive and soar. You will learn to fly with grace. Fly low and fly high. So off you go little one.”

It all starts with the nudge.

It was safe on that mountain of excuses, but a bird is meant to fly. I’m not meant to live there, hiding in clefts known as fear. And neither are you!

I’ve been asking myself; what purpose does downplaying my God-given persona and gifts serve? It serves NO purpose. Culturally we are taught not to give praise, lest a child become proud! So we learn to downplay and wrongly assume it to be the equivalent of humility.

How sad. How sad that the Creator, who made me with such inspiration, creativity, love and deep affection, now has to hear me say what an inadequate job He did. Should He not be the judge of His own creation? Seeing as I had nothing to do with the creation process.

I didn’t decide the size of my nose or the tone of my laughter. I didn’t pick my gifts or choose an IQ level fit for myself. It was all Him. For in Him I live and move and have my being. His opinion is that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Such sweet honour He lavishes on us, and honour is a great escort for humility, true humility.

I’m still at the very start. Often I want to flap my way back to the safety of the cleft. But I’m being taught and encouraged, gently challenged by the best.




Hailing from Finland, growing up in Turkey, and now working in West Bengal India–in a girls protection program. 21 soon 22 year old Inka Vappula is one of the two awesome contributors in a private fb group, “Don’t worry, chicken curry–a virtual scrapbook of Indian adventures”. In her own words: “I’ve only discovered this love for writing in the last 6 months or so, and thinking that anyone else would want to read what I write still sounds quite alien to me. But I’m practicing the art of jumping into challenges… and I guess this is a perfect chance to grow.”