Love Changes Everything

‘Love can transform the most commonplace into beauty and splendour, and sweetness and grace…’ reads a caption from a poster, tucked within the pages of The White Bat ballet theatre program.

It is a play about Bella, a repressed housewife who hungers for love, and her husband, whose mind is only on his work–his first love. Everything begins to change when Bella discovers the Bat.

“Bats are not all black or blood sucking monsters… Imagine if all bats were white, would we think of them differently?” says Jie Choong Wan-Chin, Artistic Director of Danceworks Production.

One day, the Bat appears in the night and whisks Bella away to a world of her dreams. That one encounter irrevocably and undeniably ruined her.

Her happiness is expressed as she dances secretly and spontaneously in her living room to words of this song by Etta James, ‘At Last… my Love has come along… My lonely days are over… And life is like a song…”

Ironically, its when lonely Bella has found Love that she is wooed by many lovers, at ‘The Nightingale’ club. A bar fight breaks out between the Bat and the Husband, who is now aware that he is loosing Bella. Both ‘men’ ends up in jail. Bella arrives, not to take her husband home as he had expected, but to lock herself in with the Bat–throwing away the key.

Its obvious by now, in her heart and mind, there’s no turning back. She’d rather be imprisoned by Love than be a prisoner of a loveless marriage.

Question is, Who is the Bat? Is it a man? Or is it a metaphor? We are not too sure at first. But the program did say, ‘the Bat is the hidden nature of us: moving among the shadows and manifesting in the night.’ 

Life is a delicate dance between Who We Are as confined by others and traditions like marriage, and Who We Are as defined by the Bat–who embodies Love. ‘The Nightingale’ club is where Bella falls in love with the Bat, finds her voice and sings again–coming alive through Dance.

Are you ready for the Bat to take you where your heart wants to go? Are you ready to leave behind your loveless marriage with a job you hate but pays well? Are you still a prisoner of a toxic relationship or Fear? The Bat may seem like a scary thing–but if you’re READY for a new point of view–only if you’re ready–LOVE changes everything.

This morning, I stumbled on the news of Angelina Jolie’s writing and directional debut for ‘The Land Of Blood And Honey’. By the end of the trailer, two captions appear. “Love, can change what we want… War, can change who we are.” Love and War are two things I feel very strongly about. Can’t wait to watch this. Hope it makes it to our cinemas!




“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.”- Swedish Proverb

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