“And you don’t have to try so hard, ‘Cos you are loved just as you are.” – Bruno Merz

“Sleep and let your fear and worry fade away.
Sleep now for tomorrow brings a brand new day.

Where everything is new and good,
And troubles fade just like they should.

And as moonlit clouds have always brought their peaceful rain.
It always has and always will go on the same.

Hear the wind soft in the trees.
The rain from high upon the leaves.

And you don’t have to try so hard,
‘Cos you are loved just as you are.” – Bruno Merz

Except for the heartaching fact that something is eating up my guppies alive (and only the males!), and the beautiful one passed on later in the morning, everything about today has been a Gift…

But at all times, it took a conscious decision to go with the flow and to see the many intrusions as invitations to explore the day and all the wonders that it holds…

The dream, the missing fish, the crew, the interview, the dragon fly, the ashton kutcher, and the lost beetle.

With every unexpected intrusion, a Gift was in store.

A gift of timing and a hug well needed, a gift of caring and the 10 for 3, a gift of music and the gift of laugher, a gift of patience and the gift of freedom, a gift of friendship and the gift of listening, a gift of courage and the gift of teamwork.

And of course, in the midst of all these intrusions, a heartfelt gratitude for the still small voice, guiding me on, for my work of the day. 3 treasure boxes, filled to the brim. Gems of gold, for when I return.

Then at last, a Maleficent intruder. “Is that all?” she laughs, striking guilt, casting shame.

But as you know (and as I know), that’s not how, the story ends.

An awakening is in store, for there’s truth when there’s love, where there’s love, there is light.

And that light (it came to me today as a Lullaby), it kisses the heart.

“…you don’t have to try so hard… 
you are loved just as you are.” 
– Bruno Merz

Look for the Gift behind your fear, worry and troubles…

…with every unexpected intrusion, could there be a Gift in store?




“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.”- Swedish Proverb

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