5 Days Countdown: Breathe

“Probably the most relaxing sound for me is my breathing. I’m reminded I’m alive. no other singular sound more characterises the dive experience than the sound of the breath.

Breathing in, gently, and with near imperceptibility, I begin to rise. Breathing out, I slowly descend. This gentle rocking, is one of the things that makes diving so soothing…

I breathe, therefore I am. Diving that is. And the breath is such a great way to pace myself… By listening to my breath, I become acutely aware of slowing my inhalations… luxuriating, in the simplicity of the process, and very slowly, exhaling… listening, as the trickle of bubbles are set free as they inexorably make their way to the surface of the water, like helmet in transparent balls of energy, each with their own separate mission to pulse their ways to the top.

Once there, they are set free…

I breathe and feel the filtered dry air fill my lungs. It wakes up all the slumbering alveoli, those tiny sacs that carry oxygen, throughout my body, from within my lungs. And I’m reminded that I never, never breathe relaxed to full breaths like this, when I’m going about my business, topside. But the slow movement of everything under the water, reminds me that there is only this moment, only this breath, and only this feeling…

I’m breathing as I dive, with every breath more relax than the one before it. And as I breathe, I enter more deeply, into where I am. Listen, I’m glad I started diving. It reminded me to slow down, slow down and breathe… to feel… and to enjoy.” – Michael Mish, Breath.

The past one week has been one hell of a turbulent ride… Even as I’m regaining clarity and allowing the gravity of it all to bring me to its proper place, I find that I’m 5 days away from my dive trip in island paradise. I’m getting dive certified for PADI Open Water. It doesn’t feel like a good time to go now. But then again, the sun, sea and sand would be good for me, even as I make time and space for healing. Am very grateful to come across Michael Mish’s vid on BREATH today. His meditative approach to diving is inspiring, calming and peace-restoring… it’s exactly what I need.

Perhaps, it’s exactly what you need too. A simple reminder, to Breathe.




“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.”- Swedish Proverb

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