Love Sees… And Sees What Love (You) Can Do About It.

 “I abandoned the bird’s-eye view that lets you see everything from above, from the sky. I assumed a worm’s-eye view, trying to find whatever comes right in front of you–smell it, touch it, see if you can do something about it.” – Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank–a unique organization established for the sole purpose of extending microcredit to the poorest of the poor in Bangladesh. 

Soon as I read that, I gained an understanding of what I’ve been seeing, and where I’m being lead, in order to see more.
As for me, the act of abandoning one point of view for the other, is unnecessary.
The idea is to really see, from wherever I am.Sometimes above from the sky.
Sometimes below in the mud.

After nearly two years of seeing from the rock bottom and assuming a worm’s-eye view. At what seems to be the most unlikely of times, I am finding my wings, and being led higher, to see from a bird’s-eye view.
The sudden change of view can be confusing, disorientating and scary. Transitions and change always is at first. But I am learning over and over again that allowing faith to come alongside my fears, changes everything.And the thing about birds is that, they’re not always up in the sky. They’re down on the grass too, seeing from a worm’s-eye view. The difference is, they have the freedom of choice. To also see from the rock on top of the ground, or to see behind green bushes. Or go higher up, for a different point of view, from tree to tree, till it’s time to soar higher still.

“I braced, feeling my heart thudding in my chest. Come on, little bird. Come on. But the bird didn’t move. It seemed afraid, petrified. Suddenly the mother bird appeared. She gave her youngling a gentle push, and off it flew. The bird soared over the treetops… listen for the Voice that bids us come to the edge, and that we would welcome the gentle push of God, who is both our wings and the wind that bears them up.” – Sue Monk Kidd
What are you seeing today, right where you are? Are you seeing that your very presence in your present circumstances, can make a difference to those around you?
Love is not blind. Love sees… and sees what love (you) can do about it.
And sometimes, it is not so much a matter of doing, but a matter of being. Just be present. Be there. Be aware… remember them in prayer.
Could it be, you are right where you are, to be Love in the midst of a raging storm?
“From a bird’s eye view I can see we are family… from a bird’s eye view I can see you are just like me.” – Jason Mraz




“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.”- Swedish Proverb

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