Power of Intention: “Right Words, Right Thoughts, Right Action.”

If you could choose to set the direction of your day before it happens the next day–would you set it? What would you choose? Our minds are like powerful sails that can take us in the direction we wish to go, if we clarify our intentions.

Here’s a fun song I just discovered, and right on theme! 😉

Last night, before sleeping, I Googled “what time is sunrise in KL”. I got the info 6:58am (for 10 October, 2015).

Not wanting to miss the show, I set my alarm to ring at 6:40am, which is kinda crazy early considering the fact that I was still wide awake at 3am.

But right on cue, I got woken up. Not by the alarm, but by the sounds of soft, persistent knocking on a door. Did I forget to open the attached bathroom door? Was it really someone knocking? I kept listening. It stopped. I looked at the time. 6:38am. 2 minutes before the alarm rings!

This has happened to me many times. And it has happened to others as well. Setting a time to wake up the next day, finding your body awake, like clockwork, all on its own. Usually a few minutes before or right on time.

For me, this reminds me of the power of intention.

What we plan ahead to do intentionally, becomes our reality.
Our minds act on a thought, tuning our body into alignment.

Let’s be more conscious of our intentions throughout the day.

Given a choice, what do you intend to see more of in your day?
Every moment is a chance to choose and clarify your intentions.

Make it a good one. Let it happen. And if things don’t turn out quite the way you intended to, pay attention. Was this your intention?

Learn something, then let it go…

Tomorrow, set another intention.
Take action. And watch it happen.


Love, Mish

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“The Growth of one blesses all. I am committed to grow in Love.” – Julia Cameron

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