Are you one of the amazing few who have all the patience in the world when it comes to Waiting and being kept Waiting? Perhaps it’s in your nature or you’ve learned earlier on the value of Waiting.

I for one, have to work a little harder on patience, and frankly, I’m not a big fan of Waiting!

If this sounds like you, here’s a big WHAT IF:

What if Life is giving us plenty of opportunities to wait, in order to reveal the Gifts behind it?

2 years ago, I stumbled on a book I never knew I needed. I would not have found it if not for a person that kept me WAITING… I arrived for our lunch meet on time, but the other person overslept and was still in bed. She promised to rush over in an hour or 2. I stood at the sidewalk, melting in the heat of the sun as cars rushed by, absolutely frustrated and wondering what to do. That’s when I remembered a secluded bookshop I’ve been wanting to check out. Finding my way there was an adventure.

Once there, a strange looking blue book caught my eye–not for the title at first, but because of the author’s name: SUE MONK KIDD. She comes highly recommended, but it wasn’t this particular book.

Flipping through the pages, her words were as Light to me, in my time of darkness. Every chapter would be useful in guiding me forth in a time of uncertainty, as I waited and lived my way through the questions of the unknown.

Thing is, I discovered this GEM of a book because I was kept waiting! Imagine my surprise, when I decided to buy it, and noticed the title, ‘WHEN THE HEART WAITS’.

I burst out laughing on the spot. This is one of Life’s funny jokes and a true Gift in that present moment.

This year, there’s been many enriching instances where learning to surrender and relax into Waiting, proved to be a rewarding decision.

But just for laughs, here’s a funny instance of the Gift of Waiting.

The other night at the parking lot, I was waiting in the car for a friend. He was off to pay parking. 11 minutes passed. Still no sign of him. I called, no answer. 15 minutes in, my Imagination was filling in the blanks:

  1. He’s lost
  2. He fainted
  3. He got punched / he’s in a fight
  4. He bumped into friends / a hot chick
  5. Super massive queue at the ticketing machine

Turns out he came back from the supermarket with the Lindt Bear I was looking at earlier. o _ O

DUDE. That was so unexpected. But sweet!


Then the other day for lunch, us girls met up at YUZU. But we were waiting and waiting and waiting for another friend to arrive. When she finally did, she brought out a huge present for each of us.

In these three instances, there are no deep lessons to be learnt. Just a light, sweet and simple reminder, sometimes, Waiting isn’t such a bad thing (though it may seem so at first).

There’s a Gift in every experience if you look for it… Just WAIT, and See.

“The Greek word for soul is psyche, and is often symbolized as a butterfly, Both the soul and the butterfly are metamorphosed.

While it was tempting for me to think that the growth and emergence of my authentic self would happen with little time or effort on my part, that isn’t so.

The fullness of one’s soul evolves slowly. We’re asked to go within to gestate the newness God is trying to form; we’re asked to collaborate with grace.

That doesn’t mean that grace isn’t a gift. Nor does it mean that the deliberate process of waiting produces grace. But waiting does provide the time and space necessary for grace to happen. Spirit needs a container to pour itself into. Grace needs an arena in which to incarnate. Waiting can be such a place, if we allow it.

Not long ago I came upon a poster hanging in an art shop. On it was a golden butterfly, its wings spread against a blaze of sky. “Your soul is your greatest work of art,” the caption read.

As I looked more closely, however, I noticed in the bottom lefthand corner of the poster the husk of an empty cocoon, a painful reminder that bright wings and works of art don’t just happen. They require the courage to let go and spin the chrysalis.

In soulmaking we can’t bypass the cocoon. Wherever there are bright new wings, there’s always the husk of waiting somewhere in the corner…

…I had tended to view waiting as mere passivity. When I looked it up in my dictionary however, I found that the words passive and passion come from the same Latin root, pat, which means “to endure.”

Waiting is thus both passive and passionate. It’s a vibrant, contemplative work. It means descending into self, into God, into the deeper labyrinths of prayer. It involves listening to disinherited voices within, facing the wounded holes in the soul, the denied and undiscovered, the places one lives falsely.

It means struggling with the vision of who we really are in God and molding the courage to live that vision.” – Sue Monk Kidd, ‘When the Heart Waits’.




“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.”- Swedish Proverb

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