Mt Kinabalu – Climbing a mountain in a day

Oh man… this would be my adventure in June. We’re breaking it down into a 2 day hike though. Gotta love how they did it in 1… and I loved reading this post!

Letters To 1978

Borneo is one of the greenest and most beautiful lands I have seen. My travel buddy, Sarah, and I were here to climb the highest mountain in South East Asia in one day. Here’s our story…

Mount Kinabalu National Park – 4.50pm, Sarah and I have just arrived in Mr Penisisus’ office after a 9 hour bus ride from Semporna. We’d been informed that this was the man who could grant us the permits to climb Mt Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia.

“We are here to see if we can get a permit for the one day climb, Mr Penisisus,” I say, clutching the scrap piece of paper with his name written on it, to make sure I say it correctly and not snigger.

Looking us up and down from behind his desk, Mr Penisisus replies,

“There won’t be one available until Saturday I am afraid”. Today…

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