Some Valentines Day Revelations & A Whole Lot Of Love

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But really…what does it mean to truly love?

When I was younger, I had this very clouded idea of what love was. I thought love was everything I saw in the movies – an overly romantic person who knew exactly what to say and always had to overcome some sort of self-created conflict to get his or her love back. Maybe I had watched a few too many Hugh Grant movies. Nonetheless, I spent my young life loving in a pretty interesting way. The actions of a young confused adolescent manifested themselves in romantic gestures (not a bad thing), conflict (okay maybe a bad thing) and heartbreak (that always sucks). I thought that dating one person after another was the way it should be done. I guess I felt that consistency was what it was all about. Not really the case. I learned my lessons the hard way.

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Love for…

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