Lessons from 40 Something

Sometimes the ideas that tap dance around my head are worth a full-blown exploration, other times it’s just some facts to put out there, statements of belief, nuggets of current truths. Like these 5 for example:

  • Leave it alone. Some things are made to be broken. Some things can’t be fixed. Rules, laws, social customs, even people in some cases. Not every problem needs you to attend to its resolution. Sometimes broken is the way it should just be, let it alone.
  • Just get it done. Yes there is an official way to fold a fitted sheet, no it’s not important. Just fold the sheet however you can and walk away. The same is true for many things. You can obsess forever over the right way to do something and making sure it’s just so when the reality is that done is all it really needed to be. So, you…

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