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If someone tells you the Christian life is easy and all your troubles will magically disappear if you surrender to Jesus, they’re lying.

We have peace, not perfection. We live with purpose, but not without persecution. We access truth, but often fail living it out. We get hurt, disappointed, depressed, annoyed, peeved, sad, angry, frustrated, and livid just like everyone else; and sometimes, we just want to curl up and cry.

What’s the point, then? Why do something crazy like give your life to Someone if we don’t get any perks in the here and now? In short, the “here and now” is exactly that: here and now. Not there and then. We’re all moving toward there and then (eternity), but what happens in the here and now determines the location and exaltation of the there and then.

Giving your life to Christ is amazing, but it’s only the first…

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