Love Is Our Kismet

I was led to look up the word Kismet this morning, driven by this perpetual, maddening, deep craving…

…for a kiss.

Why? Why this hunger? Why this longing? Why this obsession for a kiss?

My mind asks.

My heart says,

Kiss me… kiss me…

Kiss me with the

Kiss of Life…



What is that?

Like a Clue dropped from Heaven, to my Question of the day,

I discover that Kismet is a Turkish word, from the Arabic ‘Qisma’,

meaning Portion and Lot.

I remember holy verses declaring, “God is my Portion.”

I’ve never thought about the meaning of it until now.

God is my… Kismet?

What does that mean?

I then discovered, it is saying,

God is my Inheritance. God is Mine.

And because God is Love…

…Love is my Mine. Love is my Inheritance.

Love is my Portion, and my Lot.

Love is my… Kismet.

Ahh… Love is the reason why.

My mind finally understands.

That this longing to be kissed,

is an inner hunger… for Love.

I am not in a relationship right now. This takes getting used to in the beginning, but after the initial Fear Of Loneliness has faded away, the peace that comes from Solitude has taken over. Alone, but not lonely.

Except for times when I feel a bad craving for a kiss… then I wallow in self-misery over what I think is Loneliness, gnawing a hole in my heart.

But I am glad this morning, I am able to understand that it is my inner hunger and drive for Love–and my mind’s limited translation of that intangible feeling into a physical craving for a kiss–that is confusing me.

I am Blessed to be led to the word Kismet this morning,

So I can see the bigger picture,

So I can understand and hear,

the deepest prayer of my heart:

Kiss me…

…Kiss me with the Kiss of Life

…Kiss me with the Kiss of Truth

…Kiss me with the Kiss of You…

My Lord, My Love, My Way to Life.




“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.”- Swedish Proverb

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4 responses to “Love Is Our Kismet

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  2. Mish, your words are beautiful, and oh, how I understand them. We must be alone for the wooing of God. But in the wooing there is such a yearning in the heart…as if one could die from the yearning. A yearning to be one with the ALL. Yet, in this wooing He prepares us for the consecration of the Marriage of the Lover and the Beloved. You have found the key that opens the door to Him. Let Him come in and woo you – Love you…by far, it will open many doors for you. He love our spirit with all of Himself, because it is a part of Him, but He never forgets our body…it’s needs, and desires, and it’s longings. For the body is precious to Him. It is His temple and the doer of His Will

    During this time that you are feeling, I think Rumi said it best…”There is some kiss we want, the touch of Spirit on the body”.

    Thank you for stopping by to visit.

    Blessings for the day.

  3. Reblogged this on SHELOVESHER..and other thoughts on loving women and commented:
    Wonderful writer and wanted to share! Have a Loving Day!

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