Why A Hold Up Can Be Good For You

It’s been a loonnng day. 3 something in the morning to be exact. A little while ago, I had spent some time with 2 Samuel 22 and the same verse had caught my eye, “O Lord, You are my Light! You make my darkness bright.” I knew I wanted to share it on facebook, so I did, and by the time I crawled back into bed, I was ready to sleep!

*Lights off!*

My head hits the pillow and it was the sweetest feeling in the world. But just before I could drift off into blissdom and beyond, in comes a bee!

A manic, buzzing bee! Right next to my pillow! URGH. Why does it always happen on nights when I’m the most tired and badly in need of sleep!

So I got up, pulled open the curtain and pushed open the window, hoping the bee would find its way out. Then I waited, and waited and waited.

But the bee just kept banging away at the wall. Even when I used my hand phone’s light to guide it out the window, it just kept flying up and down!

So all I could do was wait…

…and look out the window.

That’s when the most beautiful sight greeted my eyes!  A rich dark blanket of diamond dusts… stars… a whole constellation of it. 🙂

I didn’t even have to strain my eyes. The stars were so clear tonight…

…And they were taking turns winking at me, one by one! 🙂

As I crept closer to the window, I could hear the sound of crickets and feel the cool night breeze, caressing my face. All my feelings of irritation melted away to peace, contentment… and sweet pleasure.

What a LOVELY way to end the night and go to sleep, thanks to the bee!

By the way, the bee disappeared after I was done enjoying the view! It never flew out the window, I would’ve heard it if it did. Isn’t that just amazing? 


Today, could it be your HOLD-UP is an opportunity for you to LOOK-UP?

Could the “delay” you’re experiencing really be a surprising “delight”?

Open your eyes.

Sometimes, all it takes is a shift in perspective to see Light in a frustrating situation, and make your darkness bright. At all times, God, is holding us in the palm of His hands. If we learn to see through His eyes of Love, we can have Faith that even a hold-up, is allowed for a bee-autiful purpose!




“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.”- Swedish Proverb

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Inspiring A Loving Way Of Living -- “The Growth of one blesses all. I am committed to grow in Love." - Julia Cameron -- www.theloveculture.wordpress.com www.facebook.com/theloveculture

One response to “Why A Hold Up Can Be Good For You

  1. I like what your starting with your “Love Culture” approach.


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