TLC ~ Love Of The Day

Think of this as your ‘Soup Of The Day’ special for your Heart, Mind and Spirit:

“Be the LOVE Letter You Seek to Read.” 

I love the Butterfish Sashimi in Ichiban Boshi, Pavi. You get the best cuts (so smooth it melts like butter in your mouth) and 5, big generous slices you won’t get anywhere else for RM10.

When I saw their new pricing of RM11.90, I was surprised. “Oh, we now serve 6 slices instead of 5,” the waitress explained. Okay. Fair enough.

When my order arrived however, the serving size shrank by HALF.

On top of that, the usually pure white Butterfish had a streak of red vein over one of the slice–gross? Using my wooden chopsticks to remove the bloody remnant, I was disappointed, ready to go elsewhere next time.

“Why don’t we speak to the manager?” one of my girls, Alex, suggested.

Let’s just say, the way the Head Chef responded, us 3 girls were smiling ear to ear, heart melted, with only one word left on our lips at the end:

“WOW.” 🙂

The shrunken size and messy cut was purely a mistake, by a new chef in training–the complimentary sashimi served afterwards was PERFECT.

Alex, who had years of experience in F&B, suggested again, “One of the ways you can thank them is by giving a good feedback to Ichiban’s management–in writing–someone might get a raise or a promotion,”

Brilliant idea!

We called the supervisor again and asked for the name of the Head Chef. The attending staffs watched us closely, buzzing with curious whispers.

On the way to the cashier, we didn’t see the drop-in box at the counter so I passed it directly to the smiling waiter standing right next to me.

“Man. He looks like he’s reading a loveletter!” I observed, as we watched  him scanning through my feedback, his grin getting wider by the second.

The head cashier, a little worried by his staff’s antic, beamed when we told him we enjoyed the excellent service. “Hope to see you girls again. Next time, I will personally serve you,” he says to my smiling crew. Haha.

We left the restaurant feeling like walking on clouds… and sunshine. 😉


When was the last time you experienced the Joy of reading a Love Letter?

Dear lovers, don’t wait for it! 🙂 Everyday is an opportunity to write one–for others and ourselves. From a heartfelt sorry to a thank you, a happy smile or a note of gratitude–the ways to Love and Be Loved is endless.

“Be the LOVE Letter You Seek to Read.” 


Love In Writing,



“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.”- Swedish Proverb

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