Love Is Not Love Until It’s Given Away

We are hard wired for Love–to live love, to breathe love and to share love with others.

There is a deep emptiness in humanity that can only be filled with Love.

If we realize the power of love to heal and transform lives, we would learn to GIVE LOVE, as much as we’d like to receive love.

My wife and I have had the privilege to share Love with leprosy patients for the last 7 years in the Philippines.

We combine our roles as counselors, teachers and healers through the creative use of music and massage therapy to bring hope and comfort to their dark world of pain and rejection.

Treated as the scorn of society, leprosy patients are often reduced to feeling like they’re good for nothing. Most people do not want to touch them, out of an erroneous fear of contamination, reinforcing the blatant lie of how unlovable they are.

As if this wasn’t awful enough, at night, sometimes rats would come to eat away at their toes.

They feel like they are cursed. Living in isolation from the world and swamped in self-hatred, their low self-worth is written all over their faces and expressions which begs the answer to the question, “What did I do to deserve this?”

Beneath the unsightliness inflicted on them by leprosy, there is an individual soul created for dignity and honor. Their visible wounds conceal a heart that is close to God’s heart and deeply loved by Him.

Looking deep into their eyes, my wife and I can often feel God looking back at us, through their eyes.

For you, your challenge to love may come in many other forms or people you find hard to love.

It could be your sister you had a fight with, your brother who misunderstood you, a friend who hurt you with reckless words or someone you know who has wounded you deeply out of pride and insecurity.

Could you begin to look deeper beneath the surface of hurt, pain and anger and see God’s eyes looking back at you? He is lovingly asking, “Will you love ME in them, UNCONDITIONALLY, as I have loved you?”

Love is the strongest force in the universe.

May we realize the power we have within us to make a difference in this world.

Starting with the person we feel most unworthy of Love.

Love Healers,

Brian & Mirte (Anisha) Longridge


The Longridges is a crazy story of two people who are musicians and counselors who fell in love and spent their honeymoon in a leprosy camp in the mountains of Indonesia for two months–it was to be a decision that forever altered the path of their lives to what it is today: A life dedicated to showing true Love:

About theloveculture

Inspiring A Loving Way Of Living -- “The Growth of one blesses all. I am committed to grow in Love." - Julia Cameron --

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